What is a crypto airdrop?

Simply put, an airdrop is a way for a new coin to fairly distribute it’s coin/token to the community.  Most of the time the development team for a coin will create a form for you to go to, and you fill out different types of info Twitter/Telegram/Facebook info etc.  Then, you include your wallet address, and they will “airdrop” (basically send you) their coin to your wallet.

So, it’s basically a way to get coins for free.


Why do companies give away free cryptocurrencies?

Their main goal is to get users who spread information throughout different social media channels about their projects. Mostly it’s about sharing and liking posts on their social media channels. As you can see the tasks are quite easy to fulfill. Because of your support, more people will learn about their projects. This will raise awareness and attract new potential investors. A high user base and awareness have a positive impact on the token value. That’s mainly the reason why they are giving you tokens for “free” – That’s the way how they promote their projects!


When do I get my airdrop tokens?

Most airdrops are distributed after the completion of the ICO. This prevents the bounty collectors from creating premature price action before the ICO has finished. Sometimes, bounties are distributed weeks or months after an ICO, so if you have a question about a specific coin you should try contacting one of the Admins in their Telegram group. Admins can be found by looking at the group members and finding the ones with the “admin” badge next to their names.


Do free tokens have values?

Yes! You might think just because you get these tokens for free they are not worth it. However, these tokens are usually distributed before the sale in order to carry out marketing, as already mentioned. As a rule, a maximum of 1% of all tokens are made available for an airdrop. The rest is still for sale. Thus also the free tokens have a value.


I didn’t receive the free cryptos after completing the airdrop?

The airdrops usually take place before the token sale but the distribution is after the successful token sale. This can take from a few weeks to several months. In a few cases no tokens are distributed, because the company fails to sell enough tokens and the project unfortunately fails.